Enjoy the Venice Carnival

The Venetian carnival is a yearly event that is usually held annually just before Lent. The festival lasts for ten days, and it is characterized by festivals involving costumed revellers, and it is a custom that started hundreds of years ago. Moreover, you can participate in a traditional masquerade ball if you can afford it.

Shopping in Milan

Your Italian excursion would be incomplete if you do not visit the fashion centre of Italy. However, the city lacks other interesting sites; therefore, a trip will not exceed two days.

Visit the Leaning Tower

The whole town of Pisa has activities that are inspired by tourists who visit the vicinity of the leaning tower to take pictures while casually standing behind it. Souvenir sellers have mushroomed beside the path that leads to the tower; therefore, you can take a photo and grab an item of interest before heading to your next adventure.

Tour Siena

Siena fascinates tourists because it is a medieval city that has retained most of its original structures. Moreover, it has an intricate network of alleys that are connected to the Piazza del Campo arena which is a venue for horse racing tournaments in the summer.


You can visit Naples to devour their famous pizza although there are rumours of pickpockets in the city.

Unwind on the lakes

The pristine northern lakes like Lake Como are the scene of relaxation for celebrities, Italians, and wealthy individuals who venture to the Lakes to observe fabulous villas, hike in the woods and play in the water.

Tour Florence

Florence is undoubtedly a destination with a myriad of attractions. It has awesome delicacies, the Machiavelli home, preserved ancient villas, vineyards, and fantastic gelato.