When to Visit Italy

Italy is a viable holiday destination all year round. Most tourists venture to their preferred holiday destinations from June to August. Consequently, the prices of services and goods rise in popular destinations like Rome. However, it is a suitable time to tour the country because of the pleasant weather and atmosphere.
The most convenient season to visit Italy is either between September and October or between March and May. This is because the prices, as well as the population of visitors, plummets. Additionally, the weather remains conducive for outdoor activities like touring historical sites. Moreover, the beaches are more tranquil, thus making a trip to the Mediterranean …

Exploring Roma, Assisi and Perugia

Located in the scenic spa municipality of Fiuggi and sixty kilometres away from Rome, the cities of Perugia, Rome, and the ancient town of Assisi should not be ignored. The green undulating landscape of Umbria provides a scenic background to the art centre of Perugia while Assisi is a destination for spiritual pilgrims because it is the place of origin for St. Francis.
Our well-planned pilgrimage of Rome involves a trip to the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. Furthermore, the trip would be incomplete without an expedition to the Vatican and its numerous sites including the Sistine Chapel, Vatican museums, and an exploration of the Basilica of Saint Peter. This splendid vacation …

Exploring Sorrento Coast, Capri and Pompeii

The demand for the Sorrento Peninsula trip is at an all-time peak. The coast is located near Naples in Campana and it is characterized by exquisite views. The magnificent landscape consists of valleys and hills decorated with silvery olive coppices and fragrant lemon orchards with spectacular cliff tops hovering above fishing villages.

Exploring Lake Garda, Verona and Venice

A trip to Lake Garda guarantees tourists a chance to view one of the most stunning sceneries in Italy. Moreover, the Riva provides relaxation and exposure to an interesting culture. Lake Garda is the most expansive water body in Italy, and it draws a multitude of tourists annually. Additionally, it is a destination of choice for history hobbyists who seek to see the preserved medieval structures that line the shores of the lake and numerous other features of both cultural and historical importance.
In this special one-week evening tour, you will enjoy the soothing and pristine atmosphere of Lake Garda and observe the ancient towns of Malcesine, Limone, and Riva Del Garda. …

Exploring Milan, Lake Como, the Bernina Express and St Moritz

The beautiful properties of the environment surrounding Lake Como have seduced holidaymakers and artists for eons. Moreover, the pleasant climate of the area makes it a destination that retains its charm for the entire year. Situated in the interior of Lombardy, this lake is one of our top sites. Hence, a boat trip across the lake leaves many enchanted with the beautiful features bounding the lake including the artistic municipality of Bellagio.
After your adventure by the lake, you will embark on a sightseeing adventure through the Bernina Express. Finally, you will be enthralled by the sights in St Moritz, which is a Swiss municipality surrounded by great mountains …

The Mediterranean coast adventure: Naples, Pompeii, and Rome

This leisurely expedition combines renaissance art, glorious architecture, and ancient history. On this week-long adventure, you will take a trip to the excellent grounds encircling the historical site of Ninfa in addition to visiting Sermoneta, which is a breathtaking walled metropolis situated in the Lazio region.
On a separate occasion, you will view the ruins at Pompeii, which is an ancient sprawling metropolis that was entombed in layers of volcanic ash due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. While in Rome, expect to visit the Roman Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and the Piazza Venezia. On an expedition to the Vatican, you will view its numerous sites including the …