How to Drive and Fly with Cannabis

Drive and Fly with Cannabis

The road trip season is coming, and you might still be wondering if you can travel with your cannabis or not. Latest rules as per Gentleman Toker are as following.
After all, taking cannabis on the road can be risky due to the varying legal status of cannabis between places. Even so, with a bit of foresight, the risk can be reduced. So, think again if you’re looking for tips on how to bring marijuana to a plane illegally.
This guide is intended for responsible, mature people who are not looking to engage in any devious act. Knowing your local regulations is critical in ensuring you stay within your …

Is Using CBD Oil Legal in Italy?

CBD Oil Legal in Italy

Since Italy now considers CBD oil as legal, finding a store that sells it is not as hard anymore. So take the 2019’s Best CBD list and do some shopping. However, cannabis products are not entirely legal and some restrictions are involved with its usage.
This article will breakdown the vital things you need to know about CBD and other cannabis products in Italy.
The Cannabis Legalization in Italy
Back in 1990, cannabis was among the substances classified as “soft drugs” by the Varsalli law; its consumption does not carry heavy criminal penalties. However, through the Fini-Giovanar law …

What You Need to Know About Using CBD Oil in Italy

CBD Oil in Italy

CBD oil is the liquid extracted from the marijuana plant. The CBD oil can be taken in through the mouth, spray, or smearing cream into the skin. Globally, hemp products are either legal or illegal depending on the country. Italy is a good example of countries that have legalized to Buy CBD oil and the use of cannabis products.
Is Cannabis Legal in Italy?
Italy has made cannabis legal for medical and industrial purposes, hence making CBD oil legal for use in the country. It has become easy for people to buy CBD oil from shops in Italy. With the legalization of CBD, its products are sold in shops without prescriptions. The legalization was aimed at large scale production by …