Newly Portable Fingerprint-Based Drug Test for the Italian Market

Drug Test for the Italian Market

Passing a drug test can be a daunting challenge, especially where contamination of the sample is easily possible. Moreover, the traditional procedures used in the collection of drug test samples are not very hygienic and takes time. To enhance the drug testing experience, the Italian market has, for the first time, unveiled a newly portable fingerprint-based drug test.
With a whopping €13.5 million funding for its development, the portable fingerprint-based drug test technology involves the use of sweat collected on an individual’s fingerprint. The test kit boasts of …

What You Need to Know About Using CBD Oil in Italy

CBD Oil in Italy

CBD oil is the liquid extracted from the marijuana plant. The CBD oil can be taken in through the mouth, spray, or smearing cream into the skin. Globally, hemp products are either legal or illegal depending on the country. Italy is a good example of countries that have legalized to Buy CBD oil and the use of cannabis products.
Is Cannabis Legal in Italy?
Italy has made cannabis legal for medical and industrial purposes, hence making CBD oil legal for use in the country. It has become easy for people to buy CBD oil from shops in Italy. With the legalization of CBD, its products are sold in shops without prescriptions. The legalization was aimed at large scale production by …