Drive and Fly with Cannabis

The road trip season is coming, and you might still be wondering if you can travel with your cannabis or not. Latest rules as per Gentleman Toker are as following.

After all, taking cannabis on the road can be risky due to the varying legal status of cannabis between places. Even so, with a bit of foresight, the risk can be reduced. So, think again if you’re looking for tips on how to bring marijuana to a plane illegally.

This guide is intended for responsible, mature people who are not looking to engage in any devious act. Knowing your local regulations is critical in ensuring you stay within your rights.

Driving with Cannabis

The first piece of advice may seem self-evident: do not smoke in the car. It’s never a good idea to get high in your car before or while driving. Even if you aren’t high, the lingering smell of marijuana gives cops a reason to search your vehicle.

Although we may agree that driving high isn’t nearly as dangerous as drunk driving, it’s important to remember that stoned drivers have slower reaction speeds, less visual acuity, and a reduced ability to function effectively.

The second tip is to keep your cannabis under an ounce. If the law caught you with a backpack full of marijuana in your car, chances are you will have some explaining to do. A person can only bring one pound of cannabis, even in states where it is legal.

The last piece of advice on driving with cannabis is to put the cannabis in the trunk. This is to avoid a DUI charge. Put your cannabis and smoking accessories inside a safe container. It would be best if you used a container that is waterproof and shockproof.

Flying with Cannabis

Now that you already know the dos and don’ts in driving with cannabis, what about flying with cannabis? The answer is relatively straightforward: it’s still illegal to carry cannabis while flying.

However, the TSA will not bust you for a THC-infused vape pen and a few joints in your luggage. Still, it depends on where you’re traveling, how much marijuana you want to bring, and how much risk you’re willing to take.

TSA agents do not search for marijuana or other illicit substances, according to the TSA’s website. Those agents must, however, report any found cannabis or other illegal substances to the local police.

So, let’s debunk a common misunderstanding here. TSA agents are not law enforcement officers.

They provide security, but enforcing the law is not one of their responsibilities. Furthermore, if you’re in a domestic terminal, those dogs are more likely to be bomb dogs than drug dogs.


Local regulations usually determine the legality of traveling with marijuana. This suggests you should spend some time learning about the laws in the states you pass through.

There is no ideal itinerary or cannabis amount that will ensure a risk-free trip. One safer option is to carry your smoking equipment with you and then purchase the herb once you land at your destination.

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