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Trying new adventures such as hiking and diving, trying new activities such as volunteering, or discovering your artsy side by painting self portraits by custom paint by number on the seaside—imagine doing these in one of your next travels (What a life!).

Traveling by plane is always fun and exciting until the hassle of packing things up hits you. Sure, there are a lot of packing tips and hacks that you may use (or you’re using) in preparing for your travels. This guide, though, is the one for you, artsy soul.

Here are 5 useful tips in packing for your next art travel:

  • Get a Painting Box

First things first: get yourself a durable painting box to stuff all your supplies in. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You may search for great deals for tough and compact painting boxes online. You can also pick painting boxes out of a thrift store.

Getting one for your travels is important because it will keep your luggage organized. It will be easier for you to recognize where all your supplies are. It prevents messy leaks and will keep your liquids stored at the right temperature—very convenient for long flights.

  • Limit Your Art Supplies

One of the biggest reasons people have a hard time packing up their supplies is that they’d like to bring all of it or just leave out a few. Remember that having heavy baggage on a plane can be costly.

Aside from that, it is also not smart to bring a lot during travels—especially for art supplies, which are bound for airline inspection. You may bring a few compact canvasses, versatile types of brushes, and little paint tubs with just the primary colors and a few nudes that you can mix up to create new hues for harmonious painting.

  • Avoid Leakage

Your liquids must be in tight containers. Your painting box will be stored in your luggage, probably beside your clothes and toiletries. The least that you’d like to experience on a plane trip is opening up your luggage into a hot mess. Before packing things up, test your containers for potential leakage.

It is also recommended that each type of liquid and each color of paint you bring be in separate tight containers inside separate zip lock bags—this way, if one type of paint spills, it’s easy to clean up, you can still save it.

  • Don’t hand-carry.

Paints can be hazardous (flammable, in some cases) that’s why it is subject to inspection. It is important that you leave it inside your luggage for easier security scans and inspection. If you don’t have much space for your art supplies in your luggage left, choose to hand-carry some of your clothes instead.

  • Be aware of inspection.

To avoid hassle during airline inspection, you may stick a note in your painting box specifying the type of paints you are bringing. To avoid confiscation of materials, keep your palette knives (which can be considered as a weapon) well-packed and choose to bring vegetable-based paints.

Final Words

Be smart in packing. It will save you from unwanted expenses and hassles so that your journey is as stress-free as possible.

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