Gun Ownership in Italy

Within the countries that are included in the Group of Eight, Italy is just after the USA for the country with the most number of gun homicides. According to the additional hints from Adventurefootstep, accurate information about the exact number of firearms in this country, here are things you ought to know about gun laws and ownership in Italy.

Gun Laws and Ownership Regulations

The Italians do not have to basic right to carry firearms. Therefore, there are strict laws that regulate the use and ownership of guns there.

Before you can purchase a gun, get a license to purchase a gun which is called Licenza di porto d’armi o Nulla osta. You also need to obtain this license if you receive a weapon. In order to be qualified for this license, you need to be 18 years old and above, no previous criminal charges, free from drug addiction issues or mental illnesses, and you hold a certificate that shows that you can handle a firearm safely.

Once you get hold of a gun, you need to report it within 72 hours to the Interior Ministry. You need to drop by at a police station. Although you have the license, there are still limitations to the guns & accessories for shooting you can own. With your license, you can own 3 common guns (maximum) such as handguns, and 200 cartridges for handguns. If you have a special firearms collectors license, you can have more weapons. However, you are not allowed to use or bring them and purchase ammunition. There are special cases wherein you can be asked to store these weapons in a safe area that fits specifications set by the police.

The gun purchasing license does not allow you to bring or use your gun in public places. In this case, you need to obtain another license. There are 3 licenses in Italy that allow this.

First is the hunting license that allows you to use your hunting guns during the hunting period and game preserves. Second is the shooting sports license that allows you yo bring guns without ammo to safe places or shooting ranges. Lastly is the concealed carry license which allows you to bring a handgun for self-defense. This is the most difficult license to get since you have to give a sound and valid reason. The reason can be because of working in a risky profession. For the first 2 licenses, you can renew them every year. However, for the concealed carry license, you need to have the license renewed every 6 months.

There are other restrictions on purchasing guns for private individuals. They are not allowed to buy military weapons and ammunition for this kind of weapon.

Many police and people working in security bring guns with them. Nevertheless, they are are only authorized and allowed to use them as the last resort. This can be used as a defense or when there is a threat to the lives of other people.

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