DSLR Camera

Even though cameras of smart phoner keep on improving, Nikon D5000 camera and lenses ‘s beautiful field depth, amazing focal range, bulky sensor size and, high-quality resolutions cannot be replaced. Therefore, professional travel photographers and travelers bring this camera since they need good quality, next-level photos of their travels.

Nevertheless, carrying a big, fragile, and expensive DSLR camera can be a burden especially when traveling. Nevertheless, if you know what you need to and do not need to bring and how to properly and safely pack this camera. Continue reading to know ways to travel with your DSLR camera and lenses in a carry-on bag.

Do Not Check-IN Your Camera Gear Bag

No matter what kind of DSLR camera you may have, it is not a good idea to check it in when you travel. Aside from being expensive, cameras, in general, are fragile because it has electric sensors, a lot of moving and sensitive parts.

You do not need to worry about x-ray scanners since these security checks do not react to cameras and memory cards. If you need to shoot while going through security, you can inform the security personnel to have your bag go through a conveyer belt. You can request to have it manually searched. Therefore, it can be difficult to travel and film at the same time.

Take Every Camera Part Apart

Before you pack your camera, make sure that you take everything apart first. Therefore, you need to remove the lens, screw all the caps on, and separate all the parts. Although it is time-consuming, this is very important especially if you have an expensive camera.

When you do not take the lens off, you can risk damaging the mounting threads. If these were damaged, you might end up having a worthless camera. A DSLR will not be functional without being able to change the lenses. Therefore, if you will travel for a long time or take a bumpy ride, it is best to take off the camera lenses. It is highly recommended to travel with all the camera parts separated.

Store the Separated Parts Properly

After you take all the pieces apart, it is time to store these pieces. You need to make sure that the lenses are not in contact. The body of the camera should be in a safe and separate bag. Every little gear piece should be separated from other gear pieces.

If you have a lens, flash, or filter attachment, it is best to divide each part with 4 walls. Put simply, you have to be very careful when you store your camera gear.

Secure Everything

Once you finish storing all the parts, you have to double-check if the lens caps, covers, straps, and cases are neatly packed. For loose items such as lenses, SD cards, and batteries, it is better to secure these in a separate bag. This is to avoid scratches to the other camera parts especially expensive lenses.

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