Travel Tips for Americans planning

You might have heard of attractive places in Europe such as Barcelona museums in Spain, Taormina, Sicily and Rome in Italy. However, without adequate information about the place you want to visit, your trip might end up being disappointing. In order to have an exciting trip, there are several tips an American might consider before travelling to Spain and Europe.

Learn the basic native language and how to use it

Imagine an Italian or Spanish in America speaking to you in his native language. You are likely to find it strange. The same thing will happen to you if you are in Spain or Italy and try to communicate with locals in English. It is essential to know some basic languages such as greetings, how to say thank you, I want or please. For example, if you know how to say where is in Spanish and you want to get to Barcelon Museums, you will only need to say where is Barcelon Museums and easily get the direction. You will also receive a warm reception if you know how to say words such as thank you and please in the native language. You can buy a travel guide for the specific region.

Have a Map and know how to read it

Always look for a hard copy of a map of the intended destination. You might think your smartphone will of help but sometimes it may fail, leaving you stranded in a new place. It will be easy to find your way if you have your map in a paper. Google maps can also be useful in giving directions. It is advisable to leave your app open to get a step by step direction.

Use Metro to get around

Metro is a quick way to get around in Europe. They are clean, less crowded and offers ideal travelling services. Cabs are not as reliable as the Metros. You should purchase the metro map and pay for the metro pass on your first day in Europe. Metros will take you to your various destinations.

If you are going to drive, make sure you have GPS services

Although Metros will offer excellent services, driving will be inevitable in some instances. Hiring a car could be an option. The naming of streets in Europe is sometimes confusing, but you might get lost. With GPS, you will easily find your way on the roads.

Make enquiries from the locals

The locals usually understand the area and could give several tips on exciting places to visit. Always take time to listen to them since their information could make a difference in your stay in Europe. In addition to places to visit, the locals also give details of other important aspects such as local food to try as well as the best accommodation and eatery joints.


Spain and Italy are some of the exciting places to visit in Europe. American planning to visit the area should consider some tips that will make their trip more thrilling. These tips are a major part of your planning process before you embark on your trip.

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