Asian Tourists

Asia is home to the some of the globe’s most scenic and culturally-rich places, and it is no question why 41 of its cities are included in BigSevenTravel’s “100 Top Visited Cities” ranking. Despite this, you don’t expect Asians to just sit around and marvel at their own tourist destinations; they go out to the world incluidoifg USA, Aus Seoul, Korea etc. and explore!

The Asian tourist, just like any other tourist out there, craves going to places with excellent food, great sights, and good people. Although there are many other wonderful destinations that fit this description, let’s face it—Italy just hits the mark, spot-on! What’s not to love, anyway? There are a lot of reasons to go to Italy for, and here are the 4Cs that Asians just adore about the renowned city:


Ignore the rumors—Asians don’t just live off of rice and noodles; they eat pizza and spaghetti too! Well, spaghetti does seem to have a lot in common with noodles, but this isn’t the only foodstuff that pleases the Asian palate. It’s Italy we’re talking about here, and it has undoubtedly one of the most popular (and loved) cuisines in the entire world. May you be Chinese, Malaysian, Filipino, or Korean, you would definitely rave about the city’s lasagna, Fiorentina steak, truffles, risotto, and the all-time tourist favorite: gelato! Italy is, without a doubt, the ultimate foodie heaven.


Just like the culturally-recognized Asia, Italy boasts of sites and infrastructures that preserve remnants of the Renaissance and the Roman Empire. Seeing places like the Colosseum, Pompeii, and The Leaning Tower of Pisa is like witnessing history come alive! What’s more is that relics of art and literature are also accessible in the city’s many museums. If that still isn’t enough to awaken your inner cultural enthusiast, it may be worth mentioning that Italy houses 49 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that could easily be visited with the help of the city’s splendid train network.


Religion is central to the Asian community. While not all are Catholics, tourists, in general, still make time to visit Italian churches because of their incredible architecture and sacred ambience. The experience would be twice as fulfilling, of course, to the Catholic visitor who is mainly thrilled to visit the home of the Pope, Vatican City. This adds a spiritual touch to the trip, which is what makes Italy a significant destination to a variety of travelers.

Coastlines and Hot Springs

After long walks during tours and perusals, every traveler deserves to rest and chill out. Who says Italy can’t be a place for relaxation? Since Asia is essentially a tropical continent, it is no question that most Asians are fond of the beach—what better place to visit than the world’s most beautiful coast, the Amalfi Coastline! It is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and it has a breathtaking view that would rival Greece’s Santorini. Italy also has an array of hot springs that resemble those in Seoul, Korea. This similarity just makes the famed city more remarkable to the Asian tourist.

The list above is only a bird’s-eye-view of what Italy has to offer. There is so much to discover and love in this city dubbed as “The Land of Dreams.” It’s no wonder why diverse tourists, including Asians, come flocking to witness the beautiful city—they want to experience its majesty firsthand.

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