Best Boxers from Italy

Over the years, Italy has produced great legends in boxing. Other than your favorites, you will be surprised that there are other legendary boxers who wear padded boxing gloves that you never knew are from Italy. As you start your journey in the fighting sport with your boxing equipment, always get inspired by these champions. The following is a compiled list of the top 5 best fighters from Italy.

1.  Johnny Dundee

Dundee, popularly nicknamed as ”The Scotch Wop”, was a lead player in the Italian-American fighting legends and frontrunner during his era, heading as Featherweight Champion and growing to be the first winner at the junior lightweight limit.  Dundee contested on nearly similar levels with Freddie Welsh and Johnny Kilbane. In 1915, he led the legendary Benny Leonard before abandoning the replay. He drew two times gain with Leonard, subsequently topping up another NWS decision in 1916. Dundee obtained the 30 pond trophy with a DQ victory over Chaney and attained the Featherweight Title awards with a 15-round points triumph over legendary Eugene Criqui. In 1927, he was defeated by Tony Canzoneri in his last title match. Dundee retired in 1932.

2. Duilio Loi

Even though Loi suffered several penalties for performing his work in Europe, he still achieved a couple of victories, defeating various contenders and former champions. He began his boxing occupation in 1948 and withdrew in 1962. Of all the 126 matches he contested, he only encountered three beatings.  The 140 pounders obtained two incredible wins against legendary Carlos Ortiz.

3. Bruno Arcari

Bruno has performed most of his fights in Italy. He began boxing as a career in 1964 and managed to defeat stars like Joe Brown and the legends in Europe as he ranked up. In 1970, he knocked out Adigue for the WBC 140-pound trophy, totaling nine defenses. The legendary boxer retired in 1978, having gone unbeaten in several of his final years in the boxing career.

4. Nino Benvenuti

Nino started his boxing career in 1961 and retired in 1871. The 1060 Gold medalist claimed the Val Barker Trophy as the most excellent player in the matches. He managed an unbelievable 65-0 before experiencing his first defeat.  In 1965, Nino attained the WBA and WBC 154-pound trophy against 40-1 Sandro Mazzinghi, winning again six months later. The elegant fighter obtained the Middleweight Title with a magnificent triumph over champion Emile Griffith, the Hall of Famer. Benvenuti lost the victory against Griffith before regaining the belt in the game.  He beat Luis Rodriguez with one left hook, before encountering Carlos Monzon, who smashed him twice, bringing his great career to an end.

 5.  Young Corbett III

The list is not complete without mentioning Corbet III. The former Welterweight World Champion practiced his occupation in the U.S, where he settled while young. In 1930, he beat Welterweight Champion Jackie Fields in a non-title match before knocking out Fields for the trophy. He got disappointed in his first contest with Jimmy McLarnin. However, in the following year, Corbet III overthrew Mickey Walker and gained more victories over Billy Conn and Gus Lesnevich.

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