What to Wear When Traveling to Italy

So, you’ve been waiting for this vacation the whole time, and your vacation in Italy is finally happening. You can opt to wear t-shirts from https://thatshirt.com and a pair of cushioned flat sandals for casual days or dinner. Because this is one of the most common issues travelers face, especially new ones. Along with the excitement of traveling to a new place comes the dilemma of choosing what to bring with you on this trip. Luckily, there are a lot of resources on the internet that will guide you and this article is one.

When picking for clothes, comfort should be a priority. Also, put in mind that your chosen outfits should gain approval from the locals. Italians are known for their remarkable fashion sense, so it might be a little bit challenging to decide on what to wear. Thus, to get you started, here are travel clothing suggestions that you might consider when packing for Italy:

Comfy Walking Shoes. Most travelers had one unforeseen problem when they arrive in Italy – the cobblestone streets. Although they are nice and pretty to look at, they are not that convenient to walk in. If you’ll stroll the place the entire day, you should plan on wearing comfortable shoes. Low-heeled, stylish leather shoes are the best choice as Italy is full of beautiful tourist spots like ruins, churches, and restaurants. Shun away heels as they will give you discomfort during your trip; if you want, you can go for wedges for an elegant touch to your evening outfit.

Conventional Day Clothes. Make sure that you check the weather prior to your trip to Italy. The fashion in this incredible place is not that different from the rest of the world. Remember to pack clothes with breathable fabric to help you feel comfortable and cool in the warm weather. For women, bring various dresses and breathable t-shirts when visiting Italy during summer. Italians are fashionable yet conservative, so opt for long shorts and skirts for a cool vacation. A reminder to every tourist who plans on visiting churches is you must cover up. Pack t-shirts with long sleeves or bring with you a long stylish scarf to use when needed.

Accessories. Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are essentials when traveling. Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, especially during hot summer days. Choose a wide-brimmed hat with subtle colors that match your outfits and to protect yourself from the hot afternoon sun. You can never go wrong with a shawl or a scarf to complete your attire. When it comes to make-up, go for simple, soft shades and minimal pieces of jewelry.

Aside from the essential material clothing that you need to pack on your trip to Italy, it is also necessary to learn the customs and traditions of a new place. Italians are a bit conservative, so be cautious and avoid showing too much skin and overly-revealing outfits. Unless going to the beach is included in your itinerary, pack a pair of swimsuits or shorts. Don’t let anything hinder you from having fun in your travel to Italy, plan your outfits ahead of time!

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