Every vacation may mean a huge expense. However, with the right money-saving tips, you an go on with your adventure without breaking the bank. Here are some money saving tips when exploring Italy:

Reject the Bread

It is customary for most eateries in the Lazio region to purport to welcome a customer with free bread only to charge them later for the treat. In case you are in the area, politely decline such insincere gifts.


There are numerous Italian shops where one can purchase ingredients for creating sandwiches of ready-made treats. It is more affordable to purchase food and devour it in a public park as you marvel at the scenery.

Camp in gardens

For cheaper alternative accommodation, you can use the services provided by an application such as Campspace. Campspace was founded in 2010 to allow weary and frugal travellers to find friendly hosts who will allow them to erect tents in their backyards. The garden owner can either permit you to camp without any charges or request a nominal fee of around four to ten euros.

Drink municipal tap water

Upon entering an eatery, always request for tap water; otherwise, you will automatically be provided with costly bottled water. Additionally, you can just carry around a water container that will be filled continuously on the public water faucets as you explore. The water is uncontaminated, and you will bond with the locals when you drink from the city monuments.

Buy many wine bottles

Buy as many wine bottles as you can conveniently carry from local wine shops because it is less costly compared to the drinks in the bars.

Board the bus

Affordable bus companies such as Flixbus provide a comfortable yet cheap means of touring Italy at the minimum cost of five euros per ticket.

Engage in free walking tours

In addition to being cheap, walking adventures will enhance your historical knowledge of the sites you encounter in your adventure in addition to ensuring that no interesting place is skipped. These free trekking trips are offered in numerous Italian cities.

Eat Paninis

Instead of relying too much on expensive city restaurants, it is much better to purchase a slice of a pizza or a panini for a few euros.

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