The demand for the Sorrento Peninsula trip is at an all-time peak. The coast is located near Naples in Campana and it is characterized by exquisite views. The magnificent landscape consists of valleys and hills decorated with silvery olive coppices and fragrant lemon orchards with spectacular cliff tops hovering above fishing villages.

Neighbouring the equally picturesque bay of Naples, it is a site that is meant for a touring vocation with convenient access to the amazing Amalfi Drive, the historic site of Pompeii, the charming Capri Island and the Pleasant municipality of Sorrento. Moreover, Sorrento town retains its old design with a network of cobbled alleys, ancient churches, interesting bars, and shops.

Daily trip Itinerary

Day 1

Our local representative welcomes you at the airport and leads you to your hotel where you meet fellow adventurers, get acquainted with the tour guide, and enjoy refreshments.

Day 2

Head to the port of Sorrento, Capri Islands, Capri town and the Blue Grotto.

Day 3

Enjoy a guided visit to Sorrento town and explore the ancient metropolis of Pompeii.

Day 4

On this day, you are free to take a leisurely trip to Sorrento and marvel at its unique scenery.

Day 5

A guided excursion along the coast of Amalfi.

Day 6

Sightseeing on the Sorrento Peninsula independently.

Day 7

A day of total leisure where you explore the Sorrento Peninsula with a guide, go shopping and mingle with villagers.

Day 8

Go home totally gratified.

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