A trip to Lake Garda guarantees tourists a chance to view one of the most stunning sceneries in Italy. Moreover, the Riva provides relaxation and exposure to an interesting culture. Lake Garda is the most expansive water body in Italy, and it draws a multitude of tourists annually. Additionally, it is a destination of choice for history hobbyists who seek to see the preserved medieval structures that line the shores of the lake and numerous other features of both cultural and historical importance.

In this special one-week evening tour, you will enjoy the soothing and pristine atmosphere of Lake Garda and observe the ancient towns of Malcesine, Limone, and Riva Del Garda. Additionally, you will explore the intricate canal systems of Venice and the city of Verona.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Your adventure commences when you meet our agent, at the arrival section of the airport, who will guide you to your place of accommodation.

Day 2

Follow your guide to a walking adventure of Riva before taking a chartered boat for a special sightseeing trip to Limone, Malcesine and Riva Del Garda. In the winter season, there will be a tour to Bolzano.

Day 3

Relax and explore Lake Garda at the pace you choose.

Day 4

Explore the network of canals in Venice.

Day 5

Explore the Piazza III Novembre at your own pace.

Day 6

Head to Verona by coach and explore its magnificent Roman ruins.

Day 7-8

Collect souvenirs and explore the scenic lakeside.

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