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This site is dedicated to pictures of Fine Art.

Please visit the following sections:

  • Early Netherlandisch Painting, (300 pictures, more to come) (also called Flemish Primitives, Vlaamse Primitieven)
  • Pictures from the MOMA, The Museum of Modern Art in New York (164 pictures)
  • Dutch Art of the 17th century, the so-called Golden Century (more than 800 pictures)
  • Pictures of the Italian Renaissance: Quattrocento. Look here for pictures you will not find elsewhere
  • The paintings of Andrea Pozzo in the Sant'Ignazio in Rome
  • Pictures of the Italian Baroque (under construction)

All the paintings on this website are reproduced for non-profit educational purposes only.

Feel free to use the pictures for educational purposes.

If you want to give some feedback, please send me an e-mail.

Please do not ask me for additional information about painters or paintings.  If you own a picture, please do not ask for expert advice.

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