Pozzo - Sant'Ignazio

Andrea Pozzo was a Jesuit. He wrote: Prospettiva de' pittori et architetti, a famous book about perceptive.

Pozzo is also known for his masterful applications of his perspective art, the cupola, the apse and the ceiling of St. Ignatius Church in Rome. On the massive ceiling of the church (17 x 36 m.) he painted a fresco, in perspective, of the missionary spirit of S. Ignazio and his Jesuit Society. He thereby expressed Jesuit identification with the baroque spirit of Rome and Counterreformation.

The ceiling celebrates two centuries of adventuresome Jesuit explorers and missionaries. His theme is the missionary spirit of the Society. Light comes from God the Father to the Son who transmits it to St. Ignatius as it breaks into four rays leading to the four continents.

Sant'Ignazio, Rome, facade (Orazio Grassi)

Sant'Ignazio, Rome, interior (Orazio Grassi)

The Apotheose of S. Ignazio, Fresco, 1688-90, Sant'Ignazio, Rome

The Apotheose of S. Ignazio, Fresco, 1688-90, detail, S. Ignazio and Jesus

The Apotheose of S. Ignazio, cupola

The four continents: