Early Netherlandish Painting

In this section you will find pictures of paintings by artists from my native country, Flanders, in Belgium.  (15th and 16th century). 

In 1998 there were some important exhibitions about this topic, From Memling to Pourbus in Bruges (Belgium) , the Bouts exhibition in Leuven (Belgium) and From Van Eyck to Brueghel in New York. In 2002 there was the famous Van Eyck exhibition in Bruges.

Many pictures you find here come from the catalogues of these exhibitions.

The first quarter of the fifteenth century saw the transition from the so-called International Gothic style to a new realism exemplified by Robert Campin (the Maître de Flémalle), the Van Eyck brothers, Rogier Van der Weyden and their followers. These were many: Petrus Christus, Dieric Bouts, Hans Memling and Gerard David, to mention only the most famous. Bruges and Ghent were the main centres, but also important were Tournai, Brussels, Leuven, and later Antwerp and Mechelen.

As you probably know, attributions are sometimes difficult.  I followed the attribution I found in the catalogue or book the image comes from.  Also, if a picures is attributed to the studio of, let us say, Memling, you'll find it under "Memling" as a "Follower of Memling", or "Studio of Memling", or "Copy after Memling".

About the artistic importance of Bruges in the 15th century, you can read this text.

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Aelbert van Ouwater

ctive mid-15th century


Barend van Orley

ctive by 1515, died 1541/42

Jean Bellegambe

French, active 1504-34

Simon Bening

About 1483/84 - 1561

Ambrosius Benson

Lanceloot Blondeel

Jeroen Bosch

Aelbert Bouts

orn about 1451/54, died 1549

Dirk Bouts has a special page

Melchior Broederlam

Robert Campin has a special page

Petrus Christus has a special page

Pieter Claeissens I

Albert Cornelis

Cornelis Engelbrechtsz

468 - 1527

Gerard David has a special page

Geertgen tot Sint-Jans

Jan Gossaert

active by 1503, died 1532

Jean Hey (Maître de Moulins)

active 1480 - 1500

ortrait of Margaret of Austria (1480-1530), about 1490

Adriaen Isenbrant

active by 1510, died 1551

Joos van Cleve

active by 1507, died 1540/41

Joos van Gent

active by 1460, died about 1480 Flemish Joos van Gent, Italian Giusto da Guanto, also called Joos van Wassenhove, original name Jodocus (b. c. 1435/40--d. c. 1480, Urbino?, Duchy of Urbino [Italy]), painter who introduced the Flemish style into Urbino. He has been identified with Joos van Wassenhove, a master of the painters' guild at Antwerp in 1460 and at Ghent in 1464.

Juan de Flandes

active (in Spain) by 1496, died 1519

Simon Marmion

active by 1449, died 1489

Master of S. Augustine

active last quarter of the 15th century

Master of the S. Barbara Legend

active late 15th century

Master of the S. Ursula Legend

active late 15th century

Master of Saint Giles

active about 1490 - 1510

Master of the Holy Blood

Hans Memling has a special page, with a lot of paintings! 

Quinten Metsys or Massys

1465/66 - 1530

Jan Mostaert

active by 1498, died 1555/56 Christ Shown to the People, 1510-15, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Joachim Patinir

active by 1515, died 1524

Pieter Pourbus

Jan Provost

born about 1465, died 1529

Hugo van der Goes

active by 1467, died 1482

Rogier van der Weyden has a special page

Jan van Eyck, of course, has a special page

Maarten van Heemskerck

1498 - 1574