Hello, I am Matt the creator of this travel website and author of award-winning travel books. Over the last few years, my passion for cost-effective travel has brought the dreams of millions of people, who were initially baffled by the process of planning and financing an adventure, into fruition. Now I have developed this platform to assist you to obtain facts about travel without spending endless hours on the web navigating through fluff filled sites for relevant guidance. This will significantly enable you to focus more on travelling and spend fewer resources and effort on research.

As a young man in the Kalahari, I was not very enthusiastic about overseas voyages. In fact, it is my studies that provided the initial incentive to board a jet to the Philippines. However, upon finalizing my educational journey, I got an interesting job which required that I embark on business trips abroad in addition to allowing us to have an entire month for vocation. Therefore, I took advantage of the opportunity presented for foreign travel tour Italy after fervent encouragement from my job colleagues.

I immediately fell in love with this realm after observing the spectacular landscapes, the immaculate great lakes, and other historic sites that were previously the nerve centre of the Roman empire.

Moreover, I befriended some locals and experienced a unique culture. Thus, began my infatuation with travel that remains solid to this second. I then settled in Italy and resolved to help others commence their exploration.