Best Italian Food Blogs

Best Italian Food Blogs

One of the best pleasures in the world is eating. With so many different cuisines around the world, picking the best food to have is a challenge. Even zoning in a particular cuisine, there are still a wide variety of dishes that one can choose from. It is likely the same experience as choosting a hosting provider for your blog, but make sure to choose someone aged and responsible from Uk.

Fortunately, in this age, food blogs have become popular. Granted some of them are not as helpful as they can be, maybe they offer too little information or their web hosting needs a change, there are still plenty of food blogs that offer reliable information on food.

In this article, we’re going to tackle the best Italian food blogs to help you feed your Italian food cravings. Let’s start:

My Little Italian Kitchen

This blog is maintained by a blogger who happens to be an Italian foodie traveler. She features healthy everyday Italian recipes and Italian dishes of good quality in her blog which she updates every month with at least 4 posts.

Emiko Davies

Emiko Davies blogs about regional Italian cuisine. She writes them down in articles with recipes and photographs to feed your interests more. The blog is updated at least once a month.

Jovina Cooks

Former teacher Jovina Coughlin opted to start a blog about healthy Italian, as well as Mediterranean, home cooking. In the blog, you can see the healthy and creative recipes she shares at least three times a week.

Manu’s Menu

This blog features authentic Italian homemade dishes, along with tips and explicit procedure on cooking Italian cuisine. The blog also contains photos of dishes to give readers a better idea of the dish they want to try. Recipes are posted at least twice a week.

Mangia Magna

If you’re looking for a blog that posts several times a week, Mangia Magna is for you. This food blog offers authentic homemade Italian recipes which are updated more than twenty times weekly.

Orsara Recipes

This blog is very reliable as it is made and maintained by a professional Italian chef, Pasquale Sciarappa. The chef writes about Italian recipes and food in this blog at least three times in a month.

Cooking with Manuela

Cooking with Manuela has a personal feel to it as the blog not only contains quick and easy recipes and Italian food, it also features also the blogger’s cooking experiences and tips which she updates weekly.

Buona Pappa

This website is very good as it offers kid-friendly recipes that contain healthy ingredients with an Italian touch. The blog is by Barbara Lamperti and is updated twice a month.

Reddit Italian Food

This blogs not only offers Italian recipes but also restaurant reviews, helping Italian food enthusiasts make the best choices. The blog is updated three times a month.

An Italian in My Kitchen

An Italian in My Kitchen offers a wide food recipe selection as it offers Italian recipes, desserts, and appetizers. The blog is made by a Canadian living in Italy who updates the blog four times weekly.

Other notable Italian food blogs are as follows:

  • Italian Food Forever
  • The Pasta Project
  • Nonna Box Recipes
  • Memorie di Angelina
  • Ciao Italia Blog

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