Dress Like an Italian Woman

Indeed, Italian women are some of the best when it comes to fashion. So if you’re looking to level-up your fashion game, why not take inspiration from lovely Italian fashion experts? According to James M. Rai, the country of Italy is where some of the most glamorous brands were born such as Versace, Gucci, Armani, Mui Mui, and Dolce & Gabbana. Here are tips on how to dress like an Italian woman.

Be Confident with Your Body

Although it may be a piece of generic advice, Italian women apply this. Whatever body type they have, they tend to be proud of it. To do this, determine which parts of your body you’re confident to emphasize or show off. It could be your long legs, curvaceous hips, lovely collar bone, busty chest, or your thick butt. Remember that all of us have good features; we just tend to lack the confidence to show them off.

Choose The Right Underwear

Panties and bras may not contribute to the look of your clothes, but choosing the right ones will make you feel comfortable, and feeling comfortable is part of fashion. Italian women are very particular in what underwear brand to wear that gives them comfort. Imagine showing a grimacing face or standing and walking in an awkward posture because you wore an uncomfortable panty and bra. Of course, that doesn’t make you look good no matter how elegant your clothes are.

Make Sure It Fits and Know What Goes Well with It

You’ll rarely see an Italian woman wearing something that’s too baggy or too tight. It’s essential to wear clothes that fit you perfectly. You won’t be able to emphasize the shape of your body if you’re wearing something that’s too big for you. And if you’re wearing something too tight, you’ll look quite silly when you see yourself in the mirror. Moreover, make sure that the garments you’re wearing matches. For instance, a white shirt with a simple print from T-shirt printing machines goes along well with a decent pair of jeans and a pair of black sandals. The whole get-up is simple, but everything matches well.

Don’t Wear Something Too Revealing

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to be confident with your body, but don’t reveal too much of it. Although Italian women love to show off some skin, they don’t do it in a vulgar way. In fact, they prefer showcasing the elegant shapes of their body rather than their naked skin, thus looking classy and sexy at the same time.

Don’t Shy Away from Heels

Italian women are very fond of heels. They’re actually quite comfortable with them even when walking on cobblestones and slightly uneven terrains. We all know that heels add height, but what it does, more importantly, is improving your posture. Your chest and butt are slightly pushed outwards, thus improving the curve look of your body, and it gives the illusion of having long legs. However, it takes time to get comfortable wearing heels regularly, but you can start by wearing kitten heels.

Dressing like an Italian woman is actually not that hard and expensive. You just need to be confident and dedicated.

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