Healthiest Country in The World

If you are looking to live a long life, Italy is where you should be. While Italy is amid the most developed countries, its growth has stagnated for approximately four decades. With this, Italy is considered the healthiest country in the world beside the d74 I did this 10 days detox program while I was there.

A baby who is born in Italy is expected to have a life expectancy of 80 years. Italy scored a 93.11 health grade, while UK scored 82.28 and US scored 73.05. The question is what makes Italy so healthy?

Four aspects make Italy the healthiest country in the world: their lifestyle, national healthcare, diet, and social life.


People in Italy walk a lot, compared to other countries that use public means to commute. Most of them prefer walking around their towns to socialize or to pass the time.

While Italians are not concentrated on an exercise like people from other countries, they engage in physical activities such as gym and boxing for fun.

National Healthcare

The quality of healthcare in Italy is outstanding. There is hyper-awareness of health. People can readily access the medication, care, and services they need. Their health care system is fair, well established and reliable.

Moreover, the country has an excess supply of doctors, making healthcare easily available and efficient. Family doctors are readily available each day of the week. Doctors also pay home visits and attend to a maximum of 1,500 patients each to give better care.

WHO classified the health system of Italy to be the third most efficient globally after the healthcare system of Singapore and Hong Kong.


Healthy food is among the top reasons why Italy scored highly. Italy is familiar with its Mediterranean diet. The country is home to the best cuisines in the world. Their food is primarily entrenched into their culture. This results in Italians having lower risks of cholesterol and blood pressure compared to other developed nations.

The Mediterranean diet is considered among the most sustainable and healthiest foods to follow. The diet results in a low risk of cardiac mortality and generally low mortality levels.

Compared to other countries, Italians neither overeat nor use heavy sauces and spices in their food. They use very healthy fresh ingredients and high-quality, nutritious food. Usually, they eat between small and moderate portions.

While their food may not always be healthy, they do not overeat junk and unhealthy foods. The majority of them practice portion control and adopt detox programs occasionally.

The Mediterranean diet consists of:

  • A lot of vegetables and fruits between 7-10 servings daily
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Poultry, lean meat and fish
  • Whole grains such as pasta, rice, and bread
  • Occasional red wine

Social Life

Italians are very social. They regard their family, friends, and coworkers as their own. There have been numerous scientific studies that link social ties to mental and physical health.


Great food, active lifestyle, good healthcare, and proper social life seem to come a long way in Italy’s longevity and health. Let us emulate Italy, and try living healthy lives.

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