Drug Test for the Italian Market

Passing a drug test can be a daunting challenge, especially where contamination of the sample is easily possible. Moreover, the traditional procedures used in the collection of drug test samples are not very hygienic and takes time. To enhance the drug testing experience, the Italian market has, for the first time, unveiled a newly portable fingerprint-based drug test.


With a whopping €13.5 million funding for its development, the portable fingerprint-based drug test technology involves the use of sweat collected on an individual’s fingerprint. The test kit boasts of a highly sensitive and robust Reader 1000 capable of analyzing and showing results in a matter of minutes. What is more, if you are not contempt with the results, the fingerprint collection cartridges can be used to collect further samples, stored in a tamper-evident bag, and transferred to the laboratory for further analysis.

The process is quite simple and straightforward; sweat is collected from your fingerprint within seconds and analyzed in just 8 minutes. From there, the results are shown on the screen either positive or negative. At this moment, the portable fingerprint-based drug test works to test if you have recently used cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, and opiates with others expected to follow soon. With such a dynamic drug-test approach, drug abuse rehabilitation centers and law enforcement are in a better position to offer less offensive drug testing.

Top Benefits


While traditional means of collecting drug test samples such swiping for fluid and peeing in a sample collection kit, among other methods, could compromise on your hygiene; on the other hand, fingerprint sweat collection poses no significant hygiene risk. The hygiene aspect does not only come in for you but those administering the drug tests as well.

Convenience and speed

You are right there as the sample gets analyzed and results displayed in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, if you feel that your results are not acceptable, you can have another sample collected and analyzed further in a laboratory, with the chances of the sample being tampered reduced since the sample is carried in a tamper-evident bag.

The drug test administrator, on the other hand, takes little to no time testing a group of people. This is because unlike the traditional means, sample collection takes only a few seconds. Furthermore, they do not have to wait for the sample to be tested as it only takes a few minutes to have the results come in. Moreover, the ease of use offers a whole new level of convenience, ensuring that the process is as seamless as it needs to be.

The drug rehabilitation testing market in Italy now has something to take pride in. Though the invention took several years, a hefty budget, and an intense research and development team effort to create it, its fruition has brought about a revolutionary approach that will benefit every stakeholder in the drug rehabilitation testing. Passing a drug test is now going to take you much lesser time and taking the test will not only be comfortable but hygienic as well.

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