It is no doubt that Italy is such a wonderful place to visit. With a hundred student travel tours spots, thousands of travelers from places all over the world flood over to Italy’s busy streets all year round. Italy has so much to offer; from food to art, history, beautiful cities, and calming beaches. With all these different kinds of experience and sceneries, it might be difficult to decide on which places to put on your top priority list.

Which is why there are student travel tours to help you not only in choosing what to do or where to stay but also in making the best out of your Italian travel. Without further ado, here are the top destinations that you should visit when in Italy:


One of the most famous cities and ranking number one on the top destinations list, Rome is such a beautiful city to visit. It is packed with history starting from the relics of the Roman empire down to its modern-day storefronts and five-star hotels that can give you the magical feeling that only Rome can provide. Not only that; the head of Catholicism, Vatican City, is located in Rome. So while you’re basking under history, culture, and art, you can also visit the Vatican for your religious thirst and needs.


The birthplace of Renaissance, Florence will charm you with its small-town vibe and romance. As the heart of Tuscany, this city is home to the Uffizi Gallery which features several arts made by historical artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, and many others. This small city is also home to the Medicis — an Italian family with so much influence and power during the first half of the 15th century. That said, there are many secrets about history that can be unfolded when you visit this charming city.


Nothing is ever as beautiful and romantic as Venice. It features the world-famous Grand Canal where you can see wonderful sights such as the ‘Fondaco’ houses built along the canal and some structures built with the Venetian-Byzantine style as you stroll along the river. In the evening, you can bask under the city lights as you walk down the streets with the sound of the violin, painting the air with so much love and romance.

There are plenty of other top destinations in Italy such as the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and Lake Como. They are equally as magical and breathtaking as the three major cities mentioned above. However, if you want the whole Italian experience, all the famous landmarks of history, art, and culture can be found among the buildings of Rome, the galleries of Florence, and the streets of Venice.

These three powerhouses of Italian art and culture will give you all that magic and charm that Italy has promised. There is no doubt as to why people who have been to these places always dream of coming back, and those who have never been to Italy put these top destinations on their bucket list. Nothing is more enjoyable than the art and romance that only the wonderful country of Italy can give.

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